Welcome to Estacada

Fall is here;

It’s time to rake ‘em up!





Raking or blowing leaves from your yard into the street is not permitted by City Code.  The street sweeper is not able to sweep up large piles of leaves at the curb, and leaves left in the street can cause clogged catch basins, slippery surfaces and rotten vegetation.


Tips for proper leaf disposal:


After raking or blowing leaves into piles, there are several ways to dispose of them:

Garbage Service – Place the leaves in your garbage can.  Be careful not to exceed the weight limit.  If you bag the leaves and set them beside your garbage can, your garbage collector can pick them up for an additional charge.  Check with your garbage service if you have questions.

  • Burning – Contact the Estacada Rural Fire District (503.630.7712) to obtain a burning permit.  There is no charge for the written permit, and it stays in effect as long as you live at the same residence.
  • Compost – the leaves.
  • Mulch leaves with a lawnmower and spread the mixture over flowerbeds for winter.  The nutrients in leaves are beneficial.
  Community Spotlight  


The Broadway Streetscape Project will reconstruct public amenities on Broadway Street in downtown Estacada. The project is the first major step in implementing the Estacada Downtown Riverside Area Plan (EDRAP). The EDRAP was adopted in 2011 and includes a conceptual streetscape design illustrating colored street crossings, improved sidewalks, and decorative streetlamps. 


The Broadway Streetscape Project is aimed at celebrating Estacada’s creativity and constructing a welcoming “living room” downtown for residents and visitors. It will make Broadway Street look and feel more attractive and safe, while paving the way for further improvements. The construction will extend from 2nd Ave to OR 211/224.


For more information on the project, please view the following documents:

March 3, 2014 Press Release

Project Information Flyer

Estacada Downtown and Riverside Area Plan


Contact:        Terra Wilcoxson

                      Economic Development Manager

Email:             wilcoxson@cityofestacada.org

Phone:          (503) 6308270 ext. 206

  New Information  


Please tune your radio to 1680 AM to hear community announcements from

the Estacada FireDistrict. In the event of an emergency, the Fire District will

be using this station to broadcast information and instructions.